Established Year: 1976

On  24th   January  1976, the foundation stone was laid for the hospital at Borgang, and on 10th December, 1978 Rt. Rev.Joseph Mittathany blessed the newly constructed Catholic hospital (100 bedded) Borgang and the same day it was inaugurated by the Assam Chief Minister Mr.Golap Baruah. 

At the request of our major superiors, Rev.  Fr. Cherian Moolamattom, the Vicar General of the diocese was made the director of Catholic Hospital Borgang. We the Sacred Sisters are entrusted its administration. 
The very aim of the establishment of this hospital in a rural setting was to make health care facilities accessible for the underprivileged people of that area. The full fledged hospital with modern facilities has become a great help for them. In 1988 the A.N.M. course was introduced in the hospital and in 1994 the G.N.M was commenced which indeed channelized the enhancement of the social status and health condition of the people of the locality. It is rather noteworthy to mention the service mindedness and team effort of our sisters in implementing programmes pertaining to the health care needs of the villagers. They take active involvement in relief work such as endemics, flood, hurricane, ethnic violence etc by meeting their immediate needs.  A greater part of the poor people of that area are benefited from the provisions of GOs and NGOs through the net working and collaboration of our sisters under the leadership of Rev. Sr. Ancy Geogre the Administrator of the Hospital.